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Got Norman?
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First sight

Thus the bromance begins….

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Jon being his adorkable self :) x

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I couldn’t have said it better. 

One of the best things I’ve ever seen

Bless this man, someone who actually gets it.

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I made a Taylor Hanson sim for a friend of mine.  I think he turned out rather nicely.  He looks like a slightly younger version of Tay compared to how he looks now.  You can only do so much with the Sims 3.  What do you guys think? 

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racheypops84 whispered: That's great thanks so much. You're an absolute star! And thank you for the I appreciate your advice, will start tagging my posts. Haha I'm glad my message made u smile! Your blogs ace, I love TWD. Can't wait for the next series.

I’m actually soo glad you messaged me back.  I went to check your blog out and in my internet browser there’s no follow button.  Sometimes layouts don’t always work well for all browsers, so you might want to change your layout too.  

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Rebecca’s Rescues is in DESPERATE NEED of donations to pay off vet bills. We can’t take in new animals until then. 2013 we adopted over 200 animals. Without donations will will not be able to carry on -

See more at:

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This little baby needs a good home.  

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This is great!!

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Norman majestic chin rubs are so cute.

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some of these are scary accurate 

The only thing missing is “I will go down with this ship!!”

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I swear this man wakes up an hour early and stays up an hour late just to be super adorable!